Corporate Consulting

In todays deregulated aviation market, it is imperative that operating, training and audit requirements ensure regulatory compliance and maintain the relevant safety standards

Deregulation of the aviation industry has placed higher levels of responsibility and compliance on organisations and managers.

Many organisations own, operate or lease aircraft, however few retain ‘independent’ in house aviation experts able to develop and implement safety and management systems.

The aviation industry has an enviable safety record, however accident and incident statistics indicate not all segments within the industry are the same. With constantly changing regulations and requirements it can be difficult to know what safety standards are being used.

AeroSmart provides expertise assisting companies to:

  • Assess current company aviation requirements and practices
  • Determine company safety and efficiency goals
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Establish and manage relevant Corporate Aviation Policy and Safety Systems

AeroSmart provides  front line’ experience in the provision of consultative services to the Airline, Military, Emergency Medical Services, Mining, Media, Legal, and General Aviation communities.