Q. What is the difference between the Training services offered by AeroSmart and other consultancies or training groups ?

AeroSmart is a quality based organisation. We provide cost efficiencies through ensuring the proper planning and integration of ground, simulator, and in-flight training requirements. Current norms in aviation training frequently allow ill prepared trainees access to expensive training facilities. Ground training is commonly rushed with an emphasis being placed on completing syllabus items rather than ensuring competency levels. Simulator training is generally planned around 4 hour sessions, well beyond student learning and retention abilities. Such events are indicative of poor training program development and instructional objectives. AeroSmart training program management ensures proper training program development, planning and scheduling. Training emphasises proper ground training, ensures sound manipulative skills, and develops command management skills and the integration of human factors from the very first training opportunity.

Q. We are a very successful international corporation handling many businesses. Why do we need assistance with our Aviation management and/or operations ?

Aviation is expensive and if not managed correctly, dangerous. AeroSmart is a specialist Aviation consultancy offering corporate entities expertise in the procurement, development, implementation, management and maintenance of aviation operations. We provide expert consultation to facilitate both safe and cost effective aviation operations. We offer advise on aviation planning, providing practical solutions in the areas of Flight Operations, Flight Training, Standards, Aviation Safety, and Aviation Audit functions. Corporate managers can be assured of objective processes free of internal political and cultural influences, thereby facilitating your corporation’s ability to make prudent financial and structural changes to your aviation business or needs.

Q. Why are AeroSmart Audit services needed when we have our own internal audit processes ?

Today’s managers are well educated in the need for quality systems which develop and maintain a variety of business initiatives. However, aviation operations are a complex and diverse activity which require specialist expertise and a depth of experience to effectively manage and audit aviation related activities. Whilst internal audit processes have become a management norm, such processes continue to be influenced by internal politics and cultural biases. These frequently obscures obvious, yet simple, safe, cost effective alternatives. AeroSmart’s audit experience and frank disposition ensures senior managers an objective analysis of the health of their aviation operations and or aviation needs. AeroSmart is equipped to provide safe, cost effective, functional solutions. Importantly, AeroSmart offers the opportunity for corporate entities to review the outcomes of their own internal audit functions.

Q. How does AeroSmart ensure our confidentiality ?

AeroSmart is a referral based consultancy, assuring clients full confidentiality. To properly perform various functions AeroSmart is exposed to the business workings of clients and privy to both personal and commercial in-confidence material. Please be assured that all work conducted is at the clients request and that should AeroSmart find any circumstance which may  lead to conclude that a significant safety concern exists, AeroSmart will immediately notify that client’s senior manager. AeroSmart bases its reputation on the quality and confidentiality of its work and are reliant on these aspects for referral work. AeroSmart would be pleased to enter into a confidentiality agreements should this be required.