Safety & Audit

Prevention of an aircraft accident is far more cost effective for both companies and the aviation industry.

When considering the cost of safety, few managers correctly assess the indirect costs of an aircraft accident. There are many well known aircraft accidents which have caused the demise of, otherwise reputable, aircraft operators. Some of these indirect costs include:

  • Recovery of the wreckage and the restoration of the accident site
  • Loss of revenue
  • Insurance premium adjustments
  • Loss of productivity due to a redirection of resources to business recovery
  • Loss of passenger confidence in both the company and the industry
  • Litigation and /or prosecution
  • The moral cost to a community where life has been lost

Aerosmart can provide safety management systems and analysis that identifies operational deficiencies and safety hazards. The safety review and audit processes analyse several organisational elements including:

  • Aviation policy
  • Management structures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Check and training programs
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Safety culture and reporting