Advanced Aircrew Modules

“new technologies and operating complexities aimed at safety and operating efficiencies require specific training”

“providing experienced in the development and implementation of Advanced Training Modules”

“specialising in the intelligent integration of ATM into current training, reducing the cost of training delivery”

The emergence of new technologies, ever increasing operational complexities and security requirements, all emphasis a need for aircrew to be better equipped with a wider knowledge base and skill set to ensure safe efficient operations.

The appearance of new technologies, which manage both safety and efficiency related measures, continue to see relevant regulatory authorities specify additional training requirements.

AeroSmart is well experienced in the development and implementation of a myriad of Advanced Training Modules (ATM). We have developed a variety of training programs for both international airlines and regulatory bodies.

AeroSmart Advanced Aircrew Modules & Courses include:

  • Cockpit Resource Management (CRM),
  • Human Factors (HF) Programs,
  • Extended Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards (ETOPS),
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP),
  • Low Visibility Operations,
  • Aircrew Security, and
  • Dangerous Goods.

AeroSmart offers the development, implementation and management of your Advance Training Modules (ATM) at both individual and organisational levels, abrogating the costs of a dedicated in-house capability.

Modules can be provided in a myriad of formats. AeroSmart specialises in intelligent integration which complements current training, promoting the learning experience whilst reducing the cost of training delivery.