Pilot Training

“ensuring the fundamentals of ‘how to fly’ and ‘how to manage’ aircraft in an increasingly complex aviation environment”

“Check, Training, and Standards Department Development and Management”

“recreational aviation sponsor, developing flying skills, enhancing learning aviation management, and an understanding of aviation safety and the human element”

AeroSmart provides extensive experience to our pilot training programs. Training Programs are specifically tailored to provide solutions which address individual, organisational, regulatory and best practice principles.

Our objective is to ensure pilots not only understand the fundamentals of ‘how to fly’ but also ‘how to manage’ aircraft in an ever increasingly complex aviation environment.

Training programs include:

  • Type ratings (including Boeing and Airbus airliner aircraft)
  • Simulator Training
  • Base Training (Aircraft & Simulator)
  • Route Training (Aircraft & Simulator)
  • Command Upgrade Training
  • Pilot Development Training Programs

AeroSmart offers the development, implementation and management of your Pilot and Crew training and checking requirements. Our management of your training program provides for seamless training transition from the classroom, to simulator, to line operations.

An avid sponsor of recreational aviation organisations, AeroSmart provides  expertise to their implementation of policy and procedures which develop Flying Skills, ensures proper Aviation Management process, enhances Aviation Learning, and which importantly attends an understanding of Aviation Safety and the Human Element.